Nornova Map Simplified
The Nornova Region is the setting of Pokemon Aqua, Tan, and Titanium. It is divided into three main areas: West, Central, and East.

Western Area:Edit

Gladiolus Town:Edit

The starting town of the Nornova Region, and home to the two starting characters, Blade and Petal, as well Professor Sakura.

Notable Landmarks: Professor Sakura's Lab

Pokemon Available: Takion (gift, level 5), Totaa (gift, level 5), Bilri (gift, level 5), Magikarp (Old Rod; level 5-10), Chunter (Old Rod; level 5-10), Tympole (Good Rod; level 10-15), Nickter (Super Rod; level 20-30), Gyarados (Super Rod; level 20-30).

Route 24:Edit

The first route of the Nornova Region, connecting Gladiolus Town and Lazuli City.

Pokemon Available: Rattata (level 2-6), Chunter (level 2-6), Pichu (level 2-6), Birchomp (Tan only; level 3-7), Reincari (Aqua only; level 3-7), Taillow (Titanium only; level 3-7).

Lazuli City:Edit

The location of the burial ground of the Nornova Region, and the first gym.

Notable Landmarks: Soul Well, Train Station, Lazuli City Gym

Pokemon Available: Lilblu (gift, level 6)

Soul Well:Edit

The Soul Well is a series of ancient catacombs; the first few rooms hold more recent graves. A few ghost-type Pokemon can be found here, most notably Almasil. Catching one of these allows you to more easily battle the two gym leaders.

Pokemon Available: Lilblu (level 4-6), Gastly (level 6-10), Sableye (level 6-10), Almasil (level 4-8), Almasil (Aqua only; level 10), Romawh (Tan only; level 10), Gilidoyn (Titanium only; level 10), Almasil (Shiny; Aqua only; level 50).

Train Station:Edit

A train station begins here and ends in Ferail City. You need a Train Pass to use the train.

Lazuli City Gym:Edit

Containing a simple maze puzzle, the inside of the gym is similar to that of inside the soul well; before you face the gym leaders, only a single trainer blocks your path.

Route 25:Edit

A route connecting Lazuli City and Waterlily Town. In order to navigate this route, you need HM Rock Climb.

Pokemon Available: Rattata (level 8-12), Chunter (level 8-12), Birchomp (Tan only; level 10-14), Reincari (Aqua only; level 10-14), Taillow (Titanium only; level 10-14).

Waterlily Town:Edit

A small town with an abundant fresh water resource.

Notable Landmarks: Dry Tide Pond

Dry Tide Pond:Edit

Many Pokemon live in this small lake, including Tyaton and its evolutions.

Pokemon Available: Chunter (level 10-14), Tyaton (Old Rod; level 5-10), Tympole (Old Rod; level 5-10), Tyaton (Good Rod; level 10-15), Tympole (Good Rod; level 10-15), Nickter (Super Rod, level 20-30).

Route 26:Edit

A route connecting Waterlily Town and Route 27. This route is on the edge of a vast swamp of the Nornova Region.

Pokemon Available: Chunter (level 10-14), Eevee (level 10-14), Poochyena (level 10-14), Birchomp (Tan only; level 12-16), Reincari (Aqua only; level 12-16), Taillow (Titanium only; level 12-16).

Route 27:Edit

A route connecting Route 27 and Fermento City, Route 27 is the beginning of the Nornova Region's swamp.

Pokemon Available: Chunter (level 14-18), Poochyena (level 14-18), Birchomp (level 16-18), Reincari (level 16-18), Taillow (level 16-18), Tympole (Shallow water; level 12-16), Venonat (level 16-18), Burmy (level 14-16).

Fermento City:Edit

This city holds the second gym of the Nornova Region. The city's residents pass on legends of a beast in the swamp.

Notable Landmarks: Fermento City Gym

Fermento City Gym:Edit

The inside of the gym emulates a laboratory; in order to get the gym leader, you must move desks around. However, if you fail at the puzzle, you must go back to the front of the gym to reset the puzzle.

Route 28:Edit

A route connecting Fermento City and Atlantis City. The middle of this route marks the end of the swamp, and the entrance to the mountainous coastline around Atlantis City. The heart of the swamp is accessible from this route.

Pokemon Available: Chunter (level 18-20), Poochyena (level 18-20), Birchomp (level 18-22), Reincari (level 18-22), Taillow (level 18-22), Tympole (Shallow water; level 16-20), Venonat (level 18-20), Burmy (level 16-18), Hermone (level 18-22), Almasil (Aqua only; level 20), Romawh (Tan only; level 20), Gilidoyn (Titanium only; level 20).

Neverpoint Swamp:Edit

The heart of the swamp, Neverpoint Swamp is named after the seemingly endless forest that lies beyond it. "There is a never a point of escape." After beating the Elite Four, however, a path into the Still Glade becomes open.

Pokemon Available: Tympole (level 18-22), Tyaton (level 18-22), Venonat (level 18-22), Burmy (level 16-20), Poiless (level 16-20), Grimer (level 20-24), Koffing (level 20-24).

Still Glade:Edit

A silent glade somewhere in the forest, Jollos's Tomb can be found here. There is plant life growing out of the collapsed roof of the tomb, although, with a key, you can enter the tomb from the front.

Atlantis City:Edit

Considered the capital of the Nornova Region, and hom of the third gym, Atlantis City is a city of advanced technological discoveries. Much of the city is underwater, in a strong dome made from a rare material. Later in the game, the dome is attacked by Team Saber, who seek to use the material for their experiments.

Notable Landmarks: Atlantis City Gym.

Pokemon Available: Magikarp (Old Rod; level 10-15), Molodint (Good Rod; level 20-25), Hermone (Good Rod; level 20-25) Nickter (Super Rod; level 25-35), Gyarados (Super Rod; level 25-35).

Atlantis City Gym:Edit

The inside of the gym is like a beach, the main challenge of the puzzle revolves around a circular area. You must rotate four rings of sandblocks in order to access the next panel, which, upon further adjustment of the ring, allows you to go futher, and so on. Trainers are obscured by fog, but you cannot yet use HM Defog.

Water Route 29:Edit

The first water route of the region, connecting Atlantis City and Water Route 30. This is the last route of the western area. When you get HM Dive, you can dive along this route.

Pokemon Available: Magikarp (level 12-16), Wingull (level 20-25), Molodint (level 20-25), Hermone (level 22-28), Nickter (level 22-28), Palpitoad (level 25-28).

Central Area:Edit

Water Route 30:Edit

The first route of the central area, and the second water route of the region. Connects Water Route 29 and Rodan Road. When you get HM Dive, you can dive along this route.

Pokemon Available: Magikarp (level 14-18), Wingull (level 22-26), Molodint (level 22-26), Hermone (level 24-28), Nickter (level 24-28), Palpitoad (level 25-28).

Rodan Road:Edit

A long path on the central area of the Nornova Region, it connects several places, including Water Route 30, Starlight City, Muerto Path, and Route 31. There is a tunnel underneath here where a train runs, beginning in Lazuli City and ending in Ferail City. The climate here is arid, although Rodan Road isn't as mountainous.

Pokemon Available: Hermone (level 26-28), Betledye (level 28-30), Manamoth (Day; level 28-30), Nocheye (Night; level 28-30), Pincion (level 26-28), Topsee (level 26-28).

Starlight City:Edit

The largest city of the Nornova Region, and home to the fourth gym, Starlight City is not just a bustling, restless city; the southern end of the city gives way to a suburban community, closely attuned to nature. It is said that dark secrets lie around the Shadow Shrine here.

Notable Landmarks: Jeff's Apartment, Shadow Shrine, Starlight City Gym

Jeff's Apartment:Edit

Jeff owns this apartment building, and resides here. Several other residents here will battle you or give you items.

Shadow Shrine:Edit

Although appearing to be a harmless stone shrine, there is actually a terrible secret lying beneath. The event area for Zelliontul, Hall of Evil, is accessible from here.

Pokemon Available: Gilidoyn (level 28), Almasil (Aqua only; level 30), Romawh (Tan only; level 30), Gilidoyn (Titanium only; level 30), Gilidoyn (Shiny; Titanium only; level 50), Symbolen (level 28-30), Chipster (level 28-30), Mightyena (level 28-30).

Starlight City Gym:Edit

Spinning puzzle, almost like the Viridian Gym. Many of the areas of the gym are dark, so you will have to make a few guesses as to where to go next, based on advice from defeated trainers.

Route 31:Edit

Connects Rodan Road and Ferail Bridge. The Pokemon Day Care is on this route, before Ferail Bridge.

Pokemon Available: Tyrogue (Gift; Egg), Ditto (Gift, level 50), Pikachu (level 30-32), Aipom (level 30-32), Torchre (level 30-34), Magikarp (Old Rod; level 15-20), Tympole (Old Rod; level 15-20), Palpitoad (Good Rod; level 25-30), Seismitoad (Super Rod; level 40), Gyarados (Super Rod; level 35-40).

Ferail Bridge:Edit

Although admittedly not as impressive as the bridges of the Unova Region, Ferail Bridge is still an architectual masterpiece. The train runs underneath the bridge, and pedestrain and vehicular paths are above. Connects the Central and Eastern areas of the Nornova Region.

Muerto Path:Edit

Proceeding north from Rodan Road, you will come upon Muerto Path. With rugged terrain, it is extremely difficult to navigate; however, due to the abundance of nearly untouched land here, it is a great place for research.

Pokemon Available: Betledye (level 30-32), Manamoth (Day; level 30-32), Nocheye (Night; level 30-32), Pincion (level 28-30), Onix (level 30-32), Toytop (Under rocks; level 24-26), Slugma (Under rocks; level 28-30), Shuckle (Under rocks; level 28-30), Poisseer (Under rocks; level 28-30).

Museum of Science:Edit

Although the Museum lacks a great number of visitors, it is still a popular resting spot for those who have hiked all the way from Starlight City. Inside the museum is a genetics lab, which, unbeknownst to the employees and researchers, is the location of the secret Saber Headquarters.

Pokemon Available: Omanyte (Fossil; level 30), Kabuto (Fossil; level 30), Sandshrew (Gift, level 5).

Route 42:Edit

The final route of the Nornova Region; leads to Victory Road, and connects the Central and Eastern regions.

Pokemon Available: Kadabra (level 56-58), Onix (level 56-58), Manamoth (Day; level 58-60), Nocheye (Night; level 58-60), Nickter (level 58-60), Hexamind (level 58-60).

Victory Road:Edit

As with all Victory Roads, this cave leads to the Elite Four. An exit here leads to Longtail Bay.

Pokemon Available: Corvassine (Tan only; level 58-62), Piciglori (Aqua only; level 58-62), Swellow (Titanium only; level 58-62), Hexamind (level 58-62), Bullvy (level 58-64), Steelix (level 58-64), Tympantroad (level 58-64), Triadint (level 58-64), Thoraxun (level 58-64), Gamblean (level 58-64), Tharapick (level 58-64), Thoxicon (level 58-64).

Longtail Bay:Edit

Although not accessible if you are coming from Muerto Path, the path can be accessed from Victory Road. Tykogi's Tomb is underwater, and must be accessed with Dive.

Pokemon Available: Triadint (level 62-66), Tharapick (level 62-66), Frogarem (level 62-66), Rambostratus (level 62-66), Hermone (level 60-64, Seismitoad (level 60-64), Birdstrom (level 60-64), Gullipper (level 60-64), Topsee (level 60-64).

Elite Four:Edit

The Nornova Region's Elite Four (Rose, Jacred, Cedric, Barnum, and Champion Lionel) can be challenged here.

Eastern Area:Edit

Route 32:Edit

Connects Ferail Bridge and Ferail City. It is one of the most flat routes in the Nornova Region.

Pokemon Available: Nickter (level 32-34), Aipom (level 32-34), Torchre (level 32-34), Sunkern (level 32-34), Corvassine (Tan only; level 34-36), Piciglori (Aqua only; level 34-36), Swellow (Titanium only, level 34-36).

Ferail City:Edit

Known for its factories and foundries, Ferail City is the industrial center of the Nornova Region. The city has always been on good terms with Delsinrock Town to the south, due to the fact that many necessary resources are mined in Delsinrock Town. The fifth gym of the Nornova Region is here.

Notable Landmarks: Processing Plant/Steel Mill, Train Station, Ferail City Gym

Processing Plant/Steel Mill:Edit

Several trainers can be battled here weekly for shards. Some Steel-type Pokemon can also be caught here.

Pokemon Available: Magnemite (level 34-38), Gerbung (level 34-38), Barbrab (level 34-38), Topsee (level 34-38), Raichu (level 36-38), Electabuzz (level 36-38).

Train Station:Edit

A train station ends here and begins in Lazuli City. You need a Train Pass to use the train.

Ferail City Gym:Edit

The gym leader stands on a platform high above the floor of the gym. Using cranes to drop empy vats on buttons, and levers to fill certain vats, you will bring the platform down. If you choose incorrect combinations, you fight trainers. There is then a small staircase leading to the platform, on which there are several trainers.

Water Route 33:Edit

A water route connecting Ferail City and Delsinrock Town. After beating the Elite Four, a ferry service opens up along this route; you can choose to battle trainers on a boat. When you get HM Dive, you can dive along this route.

Pokemon Available: Gyarados (level 35-40), Molodint (level 36-40), Hermone (level 36-40), Seismitoad (level 36-40), Galewin (level 36-40), Swablu (level 36-38), Pelipper (level 36-38).

Delsinrock Island:Edit

The Island that Delsinrock Town is on. There are small caves and high ledges along the path leading to the town. If you try to enter the town before you beat the Ferail City Gym, there are Shuckle and Crobuckle blocking the road.

Delsinrock Town:Edit

There is an active mine in Delsinrock Town; many of the town's famous residents, including an Elite Four member and the town's gym leader, have worked in the mine at some point. The sixth gym of the Nornova Region is here.

Notable Landmarks: Deep Mines

Deep Mines:Edit

A result of mining for countless years; only the now-unused parts of the mine are accessible to visitors, part of which includes the town's gym.

Delsinrock Town Gym:Edit

Part of the mine drained of resources has been converted into the gym. The gym is a maze that requires the use of HM Strength in order to block off certain passages and open others.

Cave of Apocalypse:Edit

Event-only area. Accessible from an abandoned and locked elevator in the Deep Mines. Robert accompanies you through this cave; he wonders why it was never explored before, and why it was locked off in the first place.

The Cave itself is a volcanic area several layers deep. Oddly enough, the final layer is extremely cold; although the area is called the "Core of Ice," it is nowhere near the core of the planet. Taloraptor is found in the Core of Ice.

Route 34:Edit

The Route connecting Ferail City and Draco Cave. The left side of the route, and the end of the route before Draco Cave, is mountainous.

Pokemon Available: Barbrab (level 38-40), Magneton (level 38-40), Corvassine (Tan only; level 38-42), Piciglori (Aqua only; level 38-42), Swellow (Titanium only; level 38-42), Nickter (level 38-42).

Draco Cave:Edit

A cave revered by the dragon trainers of Ledge Town, Dragon-type Pokemon can be encountered here rarely. You need HM Rend to get through. After beating the Elite Four and obtaining the National Dex, there is an area of the cave where Dragon-type Pokemon from previous generations can be found.

The Cave links Route 34 and Route 35.

Pokemon Available: Thoraxun (level 40-46), Triadint (level 40-46), Altaria (level 40-44), Tomash (level 40-46), Tilerex (level 40-46).

Route 35:Edit

Route connecting Draco Cave and Ledge Town; the elevation of the route drastically increases right before you reach Ledge Town.

Pokemon Available: Corvassine (level 42-44), Piciglori (level 42-44), Swellow (level 42-44), Altaria (level 42-46), Onix (level 42-46), Shellic (Under rocks; level 42-46), Slugma (Under rocks; level 42-46), Shuckle (Under rocks; level 42-46), Poisseer (Under rocks; level 42-46).

Ledge Town:Edit

As the name implies, Ledge Town is a town on a high cliff. The trainers of Ledge Town use mostly Dragon-type Pokemon. The seventh gym of the Nornova Region is here.

Notable Landmarks: Ledge Town Gym

Ledge Town Gym:Edit

A miniature tower with several layers. You merely have to defeat a certain number of trainers on each floor, some of which have switches under them (a minimum number of switches found are required to progress).

Route 36:Edit

Route connecting Ledge Town and Route 37. It is a twisting path up the mountain.

Pokemon Available: Altaria (level 46-48), Potpouin (level 46-48), Onix (level 44-46), Jynx (level 46-48), Shellic (Under rocks; level 44-46), Slugma (Under rocks; level 44-46), Shuckle (Under rocks; level 44-46), Poisseer (Under rocks; level 44-46).

Route 37:Edit

Route connecting Route 36 and Route 38. The Route must be traversed with HM Rock Climb.

Pokemon Available: Potpouin (level 46-48), Onix (level 46-48), Shellic (Under rocks; level 44-46), Slugma (Under rocks; level 46-48), Shuckle (Under rocks; level 46-48), Poisseer (Under rocks; level 46-48), Wormadam (level 46-48), Jynx (level 46-48).

Route 38:Edit

Route connecting Route 37, Hardened Tunnel, and Top-of-the-Mountain City. The branch-off of the route leading to Hardened Tunnel goes down the mountain.

Pokemon Available: Potpouin (level 48-50), Onix (level 48-50), Jynx (level 48-50), Shellic (Under rocks; level 46-48), Slugma (Under rocks; level 46-48), Shuckle (Under rocks; level 46-48), Poisseer (Under rocks; level 46-48), Ician (level 46-48), Nimbomb (level 46-48), Spindlewe (level 46-48).

Top-of-the-Mountain City:Edit

Home to the final gym of the Nornova Region, the city is at one end of Route 38. It is the farthest north city in the Nornova Region, as well as the city located highest in altitude.

Notable Landmarks: City Hall, Top-of-the-Mountain City Gym

City Hall:Edit

The City Hall is a regal building, with various gardens and ponds intermingling with the lavish interior. After obtaining the National Dex, however, these gardens and ponds function like the Trophy Garden in the Generation 4 games.

Top-of-the-Mountain City Gym:Edit

The platforms you stand on lean to various sides depending on how many obstacles are on each side; you must move the obstacles around. If a platform leans too much to one side, and you fall off, you can bounce on the trampoline floor and go to another platform, or the one you were previously on, if there are no trampolines in that direction.

Hardened Tunnel:Edit

A cave that is to the dedicated trainers of Top-of-the-Mountain City what Draco Cave is to the dragon trainers of Ledge Town. Many Rock and Fighting type Pokemon inhabit the cave.

Bullion's Tomb is located in the tunnel.

Pokemon Available: Bullvy (level 48-50), Onix (level 48-50), Ician (level 48-50), Tyrogue (level 48-50), Stratobowl (level 50-52), Ronjab (level 50-52), Romawh (level 50-52), Romawh (Tan only; level 54), Almasil (Aqua only; level 54), Gilidoyn (Titanium only; level 54), Romawh (Shiny; Tan only; level 50).

Route 39:Edit

A route that connects Hardened Tunnel and Route 40. After emerging from the cave, you begin to descend the mountain.

Pokemon Available: Onix (level 50-54), Kadabra (level 50-54), Raichu (level 50-54), Ambipom (level 50-54), Nickter (level 50-54), Magmar (level 50-54).

Route 40:Edit

A route that connects Route 39 and Water Route 41. The Hermit's Hut is located on this route.

Pokemon Available: Kadabra (level 52-56), Raichu (level 52-56), Ambipom (level 52-56), Nickter (level 52-56),Magmar (level 52-56), Sunflora (level 52-56), Corvassine (level 52-58), Piciglori (level 52-58), Swellow (level 52-58).

Hermit's Hut:Edit

The residence of a strange hermit; underneath is a grassy cave that is inhabited by many rare Pokemon. This area is considered the Safari Zone of the Nornova Region.

Water Route 41:Edit

A water route that connects Route 40 and Route 42. When you get HM Dive, you can dive along this route.

Pokemon Available: Birdstrom (level 54-58), Pelipper (level 54-58), Triadint (level 54-58), Hermone (level 54-58), Seismitoad (level 54-58), Gyarados (level 56).

Other Areas:Edit

Wonder Island:Edit

The island that Mulai Town and the Battle Frontier are on. You can reach the island from the ferry service on Water Route 33 after beating the Elite Four.

Mulai Town:Edit

Lionel and Barnum's hometown. There was once a gym here, but after Barnum left to become an Elite Four member, it closed down; after that, very few people have visited the town.

Notable Landmarks: Mulai Circus; Old Mulai Town Gym

Mulai Circus:Edit

The circus still runs occasionally for the few tourists who visit the island. Lionel can be found here, where he gives you a key to one of the legendary's tomb, depending on your version.

Old Mulai Town Gym:Edit

Former Psychic-type gym; a few trainers still reside here, where they lament the fact that the gym has closed. You can battle the trainers.

Battle Frontier:Edit

The battle frontier of the Nornova Region is located on Wonder Island. The Facilities here are the Battle Tower, Battle Factory, Battle Fortress, Battle Yard, and Battle Yacht.

Offshore Mulai:Edit

Event area for Pulviban. When Pulviban threatens to eliminate the entire island, Professor Daniel appears and tells the player about Pulviban's history, and takes the player out on a ship in order to defeat or capture Pulviban. If you do not capture Pulviban on the first try, you can come back the next day to try.


Undella Town:Edit

Undella Town is the only area of the Unova Region accessible. Due to construction, the area is isolated until the Marine Tube and tunnel to Lentimas Town are completed (which does not happen until Black/White 2). Several Gym Leaders from past generations are found here, while waiting for the Pokemon World Tournament to open.

Undella Bay:Edit

Undella Bay is also accessible from Undella Town; the diving locations, however, lead to different areas as in Generation 5.


Maps: Edit