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Type(s) Fire and Ice
Region Archer
Pokemon Needed Blaziken, Regice, and Tyranitar
First Appearence Pokemon Gargoyle:Episode 19:Freezing on the rampage

Iceblaze is a Pokémon that lives in snowy caves with Regice or in volcanos with Groudon. It is a rare Pokémon.


It lives in the Archer region.

Legend (or roleplay)Edit

Once when a great flood happened, Iceblaze had to freeze all the water around the Earth. One resides in the Mountainside Triangle.


Moves by Leveling UpEdit

  • LVL 50 Ice Shield
  • Lvl 59 Deep Freeze
  • Lvl 65 Dark Flamethrower
  • Lvl 99 Dark Blaze

Moves By TMEdit

  • Super Ice Flame
  • Spin Dark Flame Kick
  • Super Ice Tomb