The many inhabitants of the Nornova Region appear in Pokemon Tan, Aqua, and Titanium. Here, several important characters are listed.

Player Characters:Edit


Blade (default name; other names "Stem" or "Tan") is the male protagonist. Hailing from Gladiolus Town, Blade prefers the company of Pokemon rather than human friends; thus, Professor Sakura sees the potential to use Blade's familiarity with Pokemon to his own advantage.


Petal (default name; other names "Hilt" or "Aqua") is the female protagonist. Hailing from Gladiolus Town, Petal is unfamiliar with Pokemon, and thus expresses great curiosity at the prospect of becoming a trainer; thus, Professor Sakura senses that he may be able to use her unexplored potential to his own advantage.

Members of Team Saber:Edit

Professor Sakura:Edit

The Pokemon Professor of the Nornova Region, Professor Sakura secretely holds a dark desire for eternal life. As a member of Saber (and the leader in Titanium), he gives the player and rival a starter, and tries to recruit them to Saber. After being defeated, he returns to his lab to start his research anew, hoping to redeem himself.

He is comparable to Tykogi in terms of his goals and hobbies.

Professor Daniel:Edit

A former researcher at the Genetics Lab, Professor Daniel is one of the main driving forces behind Saber, creating Tyaton, Tympatron, and Tympantroad, as well as Pulviban. As a member of Saber (and the leader in Tan), he complies with Professor Sakura's plan to recruit the player to Saber, being friendly to the player upon their first encounter with him, even giving them a fossil. After he is defeated, he can be encountered once more in Saber Headquarters, where he gives the player a Sandshrew holding a Sandslashnite, and tells the player about his research into artifically releasing the hidden potential of Pokemon. Then, he disappears, but later reappears during the Pulviban event, when the Pokemon threatens Mulai Town.

He is comparable to Bullion in terms of his goals and hobbies.

Doctor H:Edit

Calling himself a "plant doctor," he believes that he can use his research in order to devise a way to expand the lifespan of humans, including himself. Although a member of Saber (and the leader in Aqua), he appears less than the other two professors. After he is defeated, he wanders the underground Safari Zone of Nornova, alerting the player of swarms when talked to.

His real name is "Herbert," but he prefers to be known only as "Doctor H."

He is comparable to Jollos in terms of his goals and hobbies.


Colress has a cameo in Tan/Aqua/Titanium. He battles the player in the Saber Headquarters; after he is defeated, he reveals that he is dissatisfied with Saber (being promised a position as an admin, but left as a grunt upon joining), and states his intention to leave to the Unova region to join another team he has heard about.

Gym Leaders:Edit

Moriarty & Miller:Edit

The leaders of Lazuli City, Moriarty and Miller use Ghost-types, and give out the Twinghost Badge. Both of them own an Almasil.


Sableye, level 10; Gastly, level 10; Almasil, level 12; Almasil, level 12.

Post E4 Rematch:

Dusknoir, level 68; Gengar, level 68; Sableye, level 70; Spiritomb, level 70; Almasil, level 72; Almasil, level 72.


The leader of Fermento City, Delilah uses Poison-types, and gives out the Poisondrop Badge. She is a former researcher at the Genetics Lab, and has always been fascinated with Poison and Bug type Pokemon.


Koffing, level 15; Venonat, level 18; Corvassine, level 20.

Post E4 Rematch:

Venomoth, level 68; Crobat, level 68; Drapion, level 70; Toxicroak, level 70; Corvassine, level 72.


The leader of Atlantis City, Iz uses Water-types, and gives out the Sail Badge. He pioneered the project to expand the city in a partially-underwater "dome."


Tyaton, level 22; Vaporeon, level 23; Molodint, level 24.

Post E4 Rematch:

Tympantroad, level 68; Gyarados, level 68; Azumarill, level 70; Lapras, level 70; Ludicolo, level 72.


The leader of Starlight City, Melody uses Dark-types, being the first leader to do so, and gives out the Shadow Badge. She is the only gym leader on the central area of Nornova.


Gilidoyn, level 25; Mightyena, level 26; Hexamind, level 28.

Post E4 Rematch:

Gilidoyn, level 68; Weavile, level 68; Scrafty, level 70; Zoroark, level 70; Hexamind, level 72.


The leader of Ferail City, Andrew uses Steel-types, and gives out the Hammer Badge. He worked on the bridge connecting the central and eastern areas of the region.


Barbrab, level 30; Chipster, level 30; Steelix, level 32; Tharapick, level 34.

Post E4 Rematch:

Steelix, level 68; Aggron, level 68; Scizor, level 70; Gamblean, level 70; Tharapick, level 72.


The leader of Delsinrock Town, Robert uses Rock-types, and gives out the Planet Badge. He works in the Deep Mines; during the Taloraptor event, he expresses curiosity about the elevator leading to the magma-filled caverns below "his" mine.

He gave an Onix to Andrew, but prefers to keep his own Onix unevolved.


Onix, level 34; Shuckle, level 38; Magcargo, level 38; Crobuckle, level 40.

Post E4 Rematch:

Magcargo, level 68; Aerodactyl, level 68; Archeops, level 70; Carracosta, level 70; Crobuckle, level 72.


The leader of Ledge Town, Frederick uses Dragon-types, and gives out the Dragonfire Badge.


Betledye, level 42; Draceon, level 42; Altaria, level 45; Tomash, level 46.

Post E4 Rematch:

Altaria, level 68; Draceon, level 68; Haxorus, level 70; Druddigon, level 70; Tomash, level 72.


The leader of Top-of-the-Mountain City, Siah uses Fighting-types, and gives out the Power Badge. He was once an Elite Four member, but retired at some point. Later, when offered his position again, he turned it down (since there would be nobody to replace him as gym leader, the gym would be shut down), allowing Barnum to become a member.


Hitmonchan, level 48; Hitmonlee, level 48; Hitmontop, level 48; Rambostratus, level 50; Thoxicon, level 52.

Post E4 Rematch:

Breloom, level 68; Gallade, level 68; Machamp, level 70; Lucario, level 70; Rambostratus, level 72; Thoxicon, level 72.

Elite Four:Edit


Rose, the first member of the Nornova Elite Four, is a Grass-type trainer; although she is foreign to the region, she is a skilled trainer.


Piciglori, level 54; Leafeon, level 58; Wormbelle (Grass), level 58; Piciglori, level 60; Torchre, level 60.


Ferrothorn, level 68; Roserade, level 70; Cradily, level 70; Wormbelle, level 72; Sawsbuck, level 72; Piciglori, level 72.


Jacred was once the foreman of the Deep Mines, and thus, like Robert, uses Rock-type Pokemon, many of which helped him in the mine long before he became an Elite Four member.


Breatar, level 58; Tharapick, level 58; Crobuckle, level 60; Crobuckle, level 60; Choking, level 62.


Breatar, level 70; Choking, level 70; Tyranitar, level 72; Tharapick, level 72; Gigalith, level 72; Rhyperior, level 74.


Cedric is a Dragon-type trainer; as a native of Ledge Town, he trains with Frederick whenever he returns to the town. He envies Lionel's position as champion, and hopes to one day become the best Dragon trainer in the world.


Draceon, level 60; Corvassine, level 62; Triadint, level 62; Thoraxun, level 62; Altaria, level 64.


Corvassine, level 72; Kingdra, level 74; Salamence, level 74; Dragonite, level 74; Triadint, level 76; Thoraxun, level 76.


Barnum, the former Mulai Town gym leader, and a Psychic-type trainer, chose to leave the gym and become an Elite Four member, causing the gym to close down. He gave Lionel an Abra before Lionel left to travel Unova and Sinnoh.


Almasil, level 62; Kadabra, level 62; Espeon, level 64; Gilidoyn, level 65; Alakazam, level 66.


Espeon, level 76; Xatu, level 76; Slowking, level 76; Chandelure, level 78; Metagross, level 78; Alakazam, level 80.


Champion of the Nornova Region, Lionel prefers to use animal-like Pokemon due to his history in the circus; in his spare time, he is the ringleader of the Mulai Circus. When he was younger, he travelled to the Unova and Sinnoh regions for Professor Sakura.


Ambipom, level 64; Mightyena, level 64; Tympantroad, level 64; Romawh, level 66; (super-effective starter not chosen; does not relate to the player's story), level 67; Alakazam, level 68.


(Tyranitar/Ninetales/Potpouin if Tansuidae/Gremilion/Masfrio), level 80; Reuniclus, level 82; Tympantroad, level 82; Garchomp/Thoxicon/Metagross, level 84; (super-effective starter not chosen), level 86; Alakazam, level 88.

Warriors of the Far North:Edit


The Warrior of Muchojo City, Alan is the de-facto leader of the Warriors of the Far North, and thus, even if you locate him (in various possible locations throughout the city), he will only open his Challenge Arena to you after you have defeated the other Warriors. He specializes in Ice-type Pokemon.

He appears in his Arena every day from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.


Cloyster, level 80; Weavile, level 80; Walrein, level 82; Mamoswine, level 84; Cryogonal, level 84; Potpouin, level 86.


The Warrior of Seashell Island City, Trista chooses to use Water-type Pokemon, and thus, can be found on the cold shores of Seashell Island.

She appears in her Arena on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and on Fridays and Sundays all day.


Politoed, level 76; Kingdra, level 76; Sharpedo, level 76; Gastrodon, level 78; Jellicent, level 78; Triadint, level 80.


The Warrior of Ashfall City, Frida uses Fire-type Pokemon, due to their abundance on the nearby volcanoes. She can be found in the caves encountered before you reach the city.

She appears in her Arena on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 11:00 AM to 6:00 PM, and on Mondays and Wednesdays all day.


Ninetales, level 76; Houndoom, level 76; Torkoal, level 76; Magmortar, level 78; Volcarona, level 78; Torchre, level 80.


The Warrior of Alterro City, Nicolas uses Ground-type Pokemon. He can be found at various places in the city.

He appears in his Arena on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM, on Tuesdays and Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM, and on Sundays all day.


Rhyperior, level 76; Gliscor, level 76; Flygon, level 78; Hippowdon, level 78; Excadrill, level 78; Manamoth, level 80.

Ancient Scholars:Edit


A scholar who was obsessed with plants, he agreed to partake in Tykogi's experiment to put themselves into artificial bodies in order to live forever, then seal themselves away to study in peace, undisturbed by the outside world. Unfortunately, Jollos's "tomb" was not conducive to growing plants, and thus provided a factor for his sanity to shatter. During his rampage, he broke several holes in the roof of his tomb.

Before you enter the library, you must fight a "phantom" of his former self projected by his mind.


Reincari, level 65; Almasil, level 65; Mothim, level 66; Ambipom, level 67.


A scholar who was obsessed with reading, he agreed to partake in Tykogi's experiment to put themselves into artificial bodies in order to live forever, then seal themselves away to study in peace, undisturbed by the outside world. After years and years of being locked away, he ran out of reading material; this provided a factor for his sanity to shatter. During his rampage, he tore his way through the outer library, creating a series of twisting caves.

Before you enter the library, you must fight a "phantom" of his former self projected by his mind.


Corvassine, level 65; Romawh, level 65; Wormbelle (Ground), level 66; Manamoth, level 67.


An ambitious scholar, even by modern standards, Tykogi led the experiment to preserve himself and two others in Pokemon-like artificial bodies, sealing themselves in places they felt they would be comfortable to spend eternity in, studying the world. After the other two scholars became insane, Tykogi slowly descended into madness, unable to communicate with the others. During his rampage, he completely destroyed the outer library, flooding it; the area became the subject of numerous legends, which inspired Professor Sakura to pursue his research.

Before you enter the library, you must fight a "phantom" of his former self projected by his mind.


Swellow, level 65; Gilidoyn, level 65; Hexamind, level 66; Nocheye, level 67.

Other Characters:Edit


Jeff is the creator of the Pokemon storage system in Nornova. He is competing with Amanita from the Unova region; he claims that his system is better, and hopes to eventually spread his storage system to other regions. After beating the Elite Four, you can talk to him to make "custom" wallpapers from several templates.

He resides in Starlight City, and, aside from his work on the storage system, he also owns an apartment building.

Daycare Couple:Edit

As their names imply, the Day-Care Man and Day-Care Lady run the Day Care on Route 31. When you first enter the Daycare, they will give you an egg containing a Tyrogue. After you beat the Elite Four and complete the regional Nornova Dex, they will give you a Ditto.


Claiming to be a world-renowned Pokemon trainer, Vincent resides in a hidden house in the Far North; however, if you ask to battle him, he angrily refuses, saying that he came here to get away from battles for a while. If you answer his question in the negative, though, he gives you one of the Sinnoh starters: Turtwig, Chimchar, or Piplup.

In Titanium, after getting a starter from him, if you exit the area where his house is located, and come back 24 hours later, he gives you a pass to go to the League of Champions. He is the final member of the League of Champions, using a variety of tactics. He is known as the Wanderer.


The first member of the League of Champions; he uses defensively-oriented Pokemon. Because of this, he is known as the Defensive Maven.


The second member of the League of Champions; she uses weather-oriented Pokemon. Because of this, she is known as the Master of Weather.


The third member of the League of Champions; he uses Pokemon based around hazards. He primarily uses Steel-type Pokemon. Because of this, he is known as the Heart of Steel.


The fourth member of the League of Champions; she uses Pokemon centered around breaking defenses and offense. Because of this, she is known as the Destroyer.